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Adult Dog Health Care Plans at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital, Gilbert AZ

Our Canine Health Plans are structured so that there is a plan to fit individual pet and owner needs. Our goal as our partner in your pet's health care is to keep them healthy and we've created our health plans to do just this. The goal of the Canine Health Plans at Little Critters Vet is to ensure that your dog is able to have the highest possible level of preventative health care in order to keep them healthy. 

Plan Options Include:

Laboratory Fecal Examination & Deworming as Recommended by the Companion Animal Parasite Council

Member Only Discounts

Complete Physical Examination at Each Visit

Blood test with Complete Blood Cell Count, Organ Panel & electrolytes

Bi-Annual Complete Physical Examination w/Doctor Consultation 

All core vaccines as determined by the American Animal Hospital Association Guidelines

4dx Test for Heartworms, Tick Fever, Anaplasma, Lyme

Thyroid test

Valley Fever Test


Blood Pressure

Eye testing

Easy Low Monthly Payments

Large Savings


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