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     Surgical Procedures at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert, AZ

Surgical Procedures

Dr. Patt is an experienced soft tissue surgeon with years in caring for the needs of dogs, cats and exotic pets. She practices pre-emptive pain control and also focuses on the need of the pet and it's after care for the best possible out come. Multimodal pain control is always provided for every procedure. In addition each pet has a dedicated nurse monitor as well and equipment monitoring blood pressure, ekg, oxygen saturation and co2 levels.  Pre-surgical blood work is completed for every procedure and all pets have an IV catheter placed for an emergency access port and received IV fluids for maintenance of blood pressure. Everything possible is done to provide safety, comfort and care for our patients. Common surgeries are spays, neuters, exploratory surgeries, cystotomy, mass/lump removals and many more.

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