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Loving Care at Little Critters Vet

Jennifer Rossi
– Hospital Manager

Education & Experience: Jennifer has worked with Dr. Patt and Dr. Swisher in the field for 10 years and has experience working in all aspects of a veterinary hospital, mainly as a veterinary nurse. Jennifer joined the practice in December 2016.

Pets: Jennifer has all rescue pets including a mixed breed dog named Boss, and four cats named Gizmo, Ramsey, Zero, and Ridley.

Veterinary Medicine Favorite: Jennifer enjoys working with pets and their families and being able to assist them with all of their needs – from their birth to end of life care.

Fun Fact: Jennifer is completing her BS in Human Systems Engineering at ASU & Barrett, the Honors College.

Star Abshire
– Veterinary Nurse

Education & Experience: Star attended Pima Medical Institute for Veterinary Assisting and then Veterinary Technician. Star completed her internship at Little Critters in November 2016 and has been employed here since!

Pets: Star owns a very energetic German Shepherd named Winchester.

Veterinary Medicine Favorite: Star enjoys being able to care for her patients and see them overcome their illnesses or injuries, knowing she made a difference in their life.

Fun Fact: Star aspires to someday become a marine biologist!

Rebekah Schell
– Veterinary Nurse

Education & Experience: Rebekah has been a part of the team at Little Critters since March, and has been in the veterinary field for over 10 years.

Pets: Rebekah has three pets at home - all rescue babies! She has a lab mix named Bubba, a cocker spaniel named Babe, and a special needs kitty named Trip.

 Veterinary Medicine Favorite: Rebekah’s favorite part of being in the veterinary industry is educating clients and that special feeling you get when make a difference in a pet’s life.

Fun Fact: She is an animal right activist and spends a lot of her free time fighting for animal rights!

Gray Valdez
– Veterinary Nurse

Education & Experience: Gray attended EVIT while in high school for veterinary assisting for two years. She completed a six month internship then was employed in the veterinary field and began working at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in August 2017. She has been in the field for 5 years.

Pets: Gray has a Staffordshire terrier named Elli and an adult sugar glider named Kubo.

Veterinary Medicine Favorite: Gray enjoys the endless learning opportunities in the field and the way this allows to her continually improve the lives of her patients.

Fun Fact: Gray’s favorite TV show is Friends!

Cheyenne Stockwell
– Veterinary Nurse

Education & Experience: Cheyenne is currently in school completing her Bachelor’s degree and hopes to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the future. She completed the Veterinary Assisting course through EVIT while in high school. She has been a veterinary assistant for 1 ½ years and began her career at Little Critters in September of 2017.

Pets: Cheyenne has an adult bearded dragon named Azul, a cat named Diana, and a Staffordshire terrier named Maggie.

Veterinary Medicine Favorite: Cheyenne loves getting to meet new and exciting animals and people and it is very important to her to know that she played a part in helping to make a person and their pets day better. She also enjoys the opportunity to learn something new every day.

Fun Fact: Cheyenne has dreamt of being a veterinarian for as long as she can remember, she has never wanted to be anything else!