Top 10 Best Links to Cat Proof your fence for safety

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Cat-Proof Your Fence

1) ProtectaPet -

2) Oscillot -

3) Purrfectfence -

4) Coyote Roller -

5) Colorado Coyote Rollers -

6) Homemade roller

7) Good Article w/pics

8) Katzecure -

9) DYI Cat Yard Safety -

10)  Cat Fence In -


3 Primary Ways to allow your Cat to safely enjoy the outdoors

1) Roller Bars on your fece

2) Cat Fence overhang to prevent jumping

3) Catio for enclosed safety - the most safe 

Please note this will not protect cats from Predators above but will ideally keep cats from roaming out of your yard and into trouble. Rollers may also keep predators out of your yard. 

Also keep cats that have access to the outdoors should be on a flea/tick preventative and also ensure that they are tagged and have a microchip in case escape happens