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Coyotes, frequently seen in suburban areas, present a significant risk to pets, especially cats and small dogs. As residential development extends into desert regions, encounters between coyotes, humans, and their pets have become more common. In our region, there have been instances of coyotes attacking small dogs in their own yards and, unfortunately, fatal attacks on cats. Cats are particularly vulnerable at night, a prime hunting time for coyotes, and even walled yards may not offer sufficient protection as coyotes can easily scale walls.

For outdoor cats, a secure option is a kitty door leading to an enclosed cat run, safeguarding them not only from coyotes but also from other cats. Coyotes also pose a health risk as carriers of diseases like canine parvovirus, which is contagious to dogs, and rabies.

Regarding coyote control, there are humane methods like installing a Coyote Roller on fences, which prevents them from gaining the leverage needed to climb over. It's crucial to remember that these animals are trying to survive in their natural habitat. Therefore, while taking steps to protect pets, it's important not to harm the coyotes. Instead, focus on awareness and preventive measures to keep your pets safe from potential dangers posed by coyotes.