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 Dog & Cat Reproduction Services

In an effort to aid responsible breeding, we do not provide reproductive services for unvaccinated dogs or cats. Early puppy/kitten immunity to diseases such as Canine Parvo Virus is provided from maternal immunity and an unvaccinated mother will likely be unable to provide this early protection to their litters. 

C-section at Little Critters Vet

Little Critters Veterinary Hospital with Dr. Jill Patt is cognizant of the newest techniques in Canine & Feline Reproduction. We work with many Show and Performance dog owners to provide exceptional male, female and neonatal care. We have a strong interest in reproductive medicine & surgery and strive to provide exceptional results. We offer low cost progesterone testing to accurately time breeding and delivery and we provide QUALITY CARE.

Useful Theriogenology Links

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WhelpWise - An excellent resource for Breeders with Articles and whelping equipment 

WhelpWise Service: 
The WhelpWise service includes a Uterine Monitor, Fetal Heart Rate Doppler and 24 hour support. (
WhelpWise is only offered in conjunction with a licensed Veterinarian)
Service begins 3-5 days before the expected due date. Data is collected twice daily for one hour, and sent over your home telephone line to the monitor center for immediate feedback. When labor is established, monitoring occurs as often as needed to assure all is proceeding without problems. Equipment is returned when whelping is complete. 

We recommend that you reserve your monitoring service when you breed.  If you are calling at the last minute, we will do our best to get you worked into the schedule. Equipment is limited! Shipping is not included.  Shipping prices average $30.00-$35.00 for standard shipping.

High Risk WhelpWise Service: For clients experiencing problems with this pregnancy or have a prior history of problems.  We can help with clients that have: 

History of prior premature deliveries
History of prior or current resorbtions in litters
History of high fetal losses
Prior or current Pyometra. 

Prices are based on length of equipment usage. Please call us for pricing information.  

Puppy Care