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Crested Geckos

These are wonderful little lizards that do not require any additional heat, care easy to feed, and a simple fluorescent light will suffice.


They do not get very large (about hand sized) and can become tame.

Please note though that they will drop (and not regrow) their tail when stressed.

The typical diet is a commercial crestie diet that has the consistency of baby food and many people keep them on only this diet with a small dish of water in the cage. We have found that they grow better and faster with supplemental bugs (crickets) as a regular part of their diet.

The caging needs are simple with a space of 1ft x 2ft high for adults, some climbing branches and plants (real or fake) for hiding. The bedding should be kept moist and the cage should be misted daily.

The following is a good source for crestie info and supplies – Pangea

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