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Pet Preventative Care Health Plans at Little Critters Vet

We understand that Pet Health Care can be costly so we provide a numbers of preventative health care plans that are customized for various ages and species. This allows owners to consult with their veterinarian and choose the best level of care for their pet's current needs. These plans can be paid monthly allowing for easy payments with the highest level of care. Many owners say that our health plans allow them to provide the type of pro-active preventative care that they want for their pet, with a means of being able to easily afford this care. Call or ask our staff members about a health plan for your pet today. 

View Pet Wellness Plans

Puppy / Kitten, Adult, and Senior Dog / Cat Plans and RABBIT Plans NOW Available!

Other exotic pet wellness plans coming soon 

Savings: All services on the plans are highly discounted off the retail price, providing large savings. 

1 Year of Care: Adult & Senior Plans include an entire year's worth of care for your pet based on current life-stage needs.

Low Payments: All Plans allow low monthly payments to easily allow you to provide the very best level of care for your pet(s).

Ten Benefits for your pet by being on a
Little Critters Veterinary Hospital
Preventative Pet Health Care Plan


  1. Your pet gets the preventative care he/she needs when it is needed
    • Schedule an exam w/out stress over cost
  2. Allow prevention of problems and also expensive medical problems later on (for unseen disease)
    • Prevention reduces future cost
  3. Allows early detection and resolution of problems to enhance life
    • Prevention Improve Quality of Life
  4. Prevents suffering of unrecognized disease problems
    • Identify problems that would go unnoticed 
  5. Improve pet's longevity and quality of life
    • Extend life by reducing disease
  6. Plans all provide owners with the ability to provide good care for their pets
    • Provide the highest level of care
  7. Plans all provide owners an easy way to budget and pay for their pet's health care
    • Low Easy Payments for Comprehensive Care
  8. Plans allow owners to easily provide a gold level of care for their pet
    • Provide all pets with gold standard care
  9. Plans are designed to keep them healthy and happy 
    • Keep pets healthy without stress to budget
  10. Plan Schedule keeps your pet current on preventative healthcare preventing missed care
    • Easily keep up on needed care


Bunny Preventive Care Plan Includes:

Biannual Wellness Exams with Oral/Dental Check

ERAVAC RHD-2 Rabbit Vaccine

 Rabbit Profile, E. Cuni, Pasteurella - Including Organ Function Panel and CBC

Rabbit TNT + Scent Gland Cleaning

Intestinal Parasite and Giardia Screen

Ear Mite Smear & Cytology Ear Cleaning

Additional Services: Routine Spay/Neuter Procedure with Pre-Anesthetic Blood Panel, IV Catheter & Fluids, Anesthesia, Monitoring, and Injectable Medications. 

Microchip and Registration 

Call today for more information and to enroll your pet(s) (480)696-7744